Is Santorini Safe to Visit In 2022

Santorini Safe to Visit

Santorini is among the most well-known Greek islands, and this is proven by the countless numbers of tourists who visit it each year. We all know that Greek islands are full of beauty, and Santorini is famous for its gorgeous sunsets. We know that because of the current situation, many are asking if it’s safe to travel to the island and some of you are asking whether Santorini is an appropriate island that you can visit by 2022?

We’re here to address any questions you have regarding the security measures, the nightlife, car rental firms, restaurants, flights, etc. Be aware that if you decide to rent a vehicle in Santorini You will need be avoiding physical contact with numerous individuals!

General Safety Measures

We all know that the virus outbreak caused many issues throughout the globe. One thing we do know with certainty is Greece is a secure destination and is recommended by numerous international news organizations and media. Santorini is completely safe since everyone is prepared to accept tourists and is complying with WHO rules.

Gloves and masks aren’t required, but if you want to feel secure, it’s best to carry a pair on hand. When you are in crowded areas, like shopping malls or bus stops it is advisable to wear a mask that protects your body from germs as well as other individuals who may be carriers of the virus.

Flights to and from Santorini

In Greece, the borders regarding flights have been opened to certain countries which allow flights into and out of Greece. Due to restrictions currently on flights, a lot of nations can’t operate flight operations to Greece. If this is the case, you’ll not be able to travel to Greece this year. Countries that are part of the European Union (with some exceptions) have opened their borders and have started sending visitors both from and to Greece. The airlines have taken their own safety measures, according to the World Health Organization which is why fewer people are traveling on planes. Food and drinks are provided in containers that are single-use so that you don’t have any contact with flight attendants. If you are planning to travel next year Santorini it is important to know it is secure as everyone is taking measures. It is recommended prior to departing to make the appointment of your physician to ensure that you’ve got approval to travel.


Many hotels will be open this year, so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to stay. They take the steps seriously and are cleaning their rooms to be ready for coming guests. The staff of hotels are prepared and will ensure that your stay is secured!

Santorini island located in Greece is once again one of the most secure tourist destinations around the world.


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