Best Places to Watch Sunset in Santorini

Sunset in Santorini

A sunset view in Santorini is an incredibly magical experience. Views are always stunning from the west end of the island, and the colors are simply amazing. Find out where you can catch the most stunning sunsets in Santorini:


Oia can be the very first destination that pops into your mind when you think of the most stunning sunsets in Santorini. It’s among the most stunning towns in Europe and If you’re seeking that picture-perfect sunset this is the spot you should go to. Since it’s the most visited, it’s never empty. If you’d like to avoid the traffic-clogged streets go to the windmills, where space expands. It is also the most ideal location to enjoy the sunset from Oia, Santorini as it offers more space and a stunning view.


The clifftop town located on the caldera isn’t quite as well-known as Oia and is often overlooked as a viewpoint for sunsets. The sunsets here behind the tiny Island of Thirassia. Take a trip to Skaros and there is a Venetian castle is located with unobstructed, stunning views.

Nea Kameni Volcano

Take a one-day tour to Nea Kameni Volcano, and you’ll have the most enjoyable experience of the day. It was once active, but the volcano is now in a state of dormancy. The crater has become a popular tourist destination. Visitors take the 400-meter climb towards the viewing platform at the top for the breathtaking sunset Santorini views. It’s very hot. But what’s remarkable is the way that the clear, blue waters contrast with the black and rocky walls around an island of volcanic origin. Absolutely stunning.


The charming community located in Pyrgos is chosen as the most beautiful place to view the Santorini Sunset by our guests. Pyrgos is the highest village on the island of Santorini. With panoramic views of the island regardless of which way the sun goes down – in Pyrgos, you’ll enjoy an aerial glimpse of this amazing everyday mother nature sight.

Skaros Rock

In the area of Imerovigli, there is another spot where you can look at the sunset; the Skaros rock. Skaros rock. The site was once an important citadel; however, few ruins of the old settlement remain nowadays.

It is possible to reach Skaros Rock through a path that leads from the village up to the summit of the rock within 20-30 minutes. Skaros Rock is not as bustling as Oia’s castle however, during the peak tourist season, it is one of the places tourists like to visit when they want to enjoy the view of sunset in the Aegean.


Last but not least in this list of the best spots to see the sunset in Santorini is Firostefani. This is the most awe-inspiring point of Fira and, from here, you can enjoy stunning views of the sun setting and of course the volcanic. The town has beautiful houses and small chapels that are white and blue, and the atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. If you are in Firostefani during the evening hours you can sit on the terraces and take in the views of the sun dipping into the ocean.


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