What to Do in Santorini for A Day

Top Things to Do in Santorini; 4 best wineries to visit in santorini

The gorgeous island of Santorini has been featured in films, lifestyle TV series, and is frequently seen on social media. This island is the kind of spot where you’d want to hide away. But what exactly are you supposed to accomplish here? Sure, it’s a lovely spot, but is that all there is to it? Is there nothing else to do in Santorini than admire its beauty and swim in the Aegean Sea? Well, there’s quite a lot to do on the island, to the point that one day will be plenty to keep you occupied. Here are a few ideas you might want to think about.

Visit Oia

The whitewashed settlements of Santorini are the most well-known portions of the island. Although neighbouring Greek islands have their own stark white cities and towns, Santorini’s are unparalleled! No matter where one sees a whitewashed villa, the Cyclades Island is likely to spring to mind. And, of all the towns on Santorini, Oia is without a doubt the most gorgeous. Beautiful vistas, Instagram-worthy residences, and Santorini’s trademark slow-paced culture can all be found around the island’s north border. Another incentive to visit the area is to see the unique, blue-domed churches.

Explore Ancient Thera

Santorini has many of ancient ruins, which many people are unaware of. Athens, Crete, and other renowned tourist attractions in Greece aren’t the only places where you may see historical remains. Aside from the island’s dazzling white villages. Ancient Thera remains may be seen on Santorini. You can easily see what little of this once great city remains in the hilly terrain east of Profitis Ilias. Most of them date from the 6th and 7th centuries BC, including temple remains, vases, and sculptures. It’s one of Santorini’s rare archaeological discoveries.

See Byzantine Castle Ruins

In the spirit of ruins, you should also visit the Byzantine Castle Ruins in Oia. The ‘Castle of Oia,’ as it is often called, is a beautiful monument from the 15th century, when the Byzantine Empire still governed this region of the world. When you arrive, you’re unlikely to notice the arrangement of the castle. Only from afar would it be possible to imagine what the edifice looked like in its previous splendour. Apart from visiting the ruins, the location is also fantastic for watching the sunset! From this vantage point, the vistas are unrivalled!

Swim at The Red Beach

Of course, a trip to Santorini would be incomplete without a swim! That’s most likely one of the reasons you came here in the first place! Which coast should you visit, given that the island is known as much for its stunning beaches as it is for its whitewashed towns? The Red Beach, on the other hand, is not a strange choice! In fact, it is Santorini’s most well-known beach. Many people, however, prefer the other beaches on the island for swimming. But you’re aware of what that means, right? You basically have the entire beach to yourself if you chose to stay and spend the day here!

Go for a Scenic Drive

Not to exaggerate the beauty of Santorini’s views, but the island is stunning. The destination is one great feast for the eyes, from witnessing the cascading cities from a mile away to the glittering shores of the Aegean Sea. And there’s so much to see and admire here that you could easily spend an entire day doing so! All you must do is rent a car (or another sort of vehicle if you want) and drive to Santorini for a gorgeous road trip. Simply make sure that all your devices are fully charged so that you may capture as many photos as you want!

Wine Tour of Santorini

It’s simple to embark on a foodie vacation in Santorini because there are so many fantastic places to dine. Can you, on the other hand, consume all that fish, pork, and cheese in one day? If you’re not careful, you can end up with a severe case of belly discomfort, which can completely derail your trip. Wouldn’t you hate that if it happened? Certainly not! In that case, why not go on a Santorini wine tour instead? You’ll be able to taste some of the greatest wine on the island, whether it’s traditional raki or a delectable red wine fit for a romantic date!


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