Top Historical Places in Santorini

Caldera of Santorini; Historical Places in Santorini

Are you keen to learn more about the rich history of Santorini through time? There are many historical places in Santorini such as the well-known structures, monuments, palaces, and parks in which you can find out about the rich history of Santorini. The existence of these historic monuments and sites will allow you to journey through Santorini’s rich history. If you’re looking to learn more about the history of Santorini, we suggest you join our fantastic guide tour of the main historical landmarks. Be sure to check the hours of opening and closing for each one so you can plan your visit. It is important to read the entire list of historic sites in Santorini for a wonderful excursion!

Ancient Thira, Santorini

The Ancient Thera lies on the coast of Santorini Island. This stunning ruin is a relic of the past, which blends seamlessly with the present. It was discovered through a meticulous excavation process; this stunning ancient paradise is a must to visit while in Santorini. Most of the city, which includes the city’s central area, a few structures, an old cemetery, also known as the necropolis, is visible. The stone structures have a variety that deserves to be explored. Located closed to Kamari city, the city is fascinating for culture lovers and those who love history.

It is highly recommended to have a guide with you since there are quite a several interesting stories to hear about the region. A walking tour of this area is sure to be an amazing experience.

Akrotiri Archaeological Site, Santorini

Akrotiri was once an ancient village within the Santorini Region. The region still has a lot of the splendor and beauty of the city’s old era through the many ancient ruins that you will observe throughout this region. It’s possibly the most significant archeological site located on Santorini Island.

It has only been in the last few years that evidence of an earlier village that was buried during a volcanic eruption was discovered in the area, so the area remains mostly unexplored. There is also the possibility to visit the remains of the Venetian Castle as well as a few churches dating to the medieval period. Hence it makes sense to take a guide to tell you more about the history of this place since there are many eras of history to unfold here. There’s a lot to discover, so be sure you’ve got plenty of time to explore everything.

Catholic Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, Santorini

There’s plenty to do and see when you’re looking for Greece’s other less-known features. If you want to see the best, explore Santorini’s various churches.

A very renowned church is Saint John the Baptist Catholic Cathedral. The beautiful church is a beautiful combination between Catholic as well as Greek Architecture. The exteriors are stunning and resemble the structures of Fira. The interiors are generally catholic, and the altar is elaborately decorated. Stone Pathways add the beauty and simplicity of the church.


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