Top 5 Traditional Food to Try in Santorini

Traditional Food Of Santorini; Restaurants in Santorini

Santorini is noted for its breathtaking scenery, high cliffs, attractive whitewashed houses, blue skies, sunlight, and sparkling water. The cuisine, on the other hand, is one of the greatest aspects of this island. One of the highlights of a trip to Santorini is sampling the delicious Greek cuisine that can be found on every corner of this stunning island. Mouthwatering traditional food of Santorini – served with a grin – may be found in little cafés, terraced eating locations, and intimate local tavernas.

So, which cuisine should you eat while visiting Santorini? Hopefully, you brought your hunger, since there will be plenty of delectable dishes to sample throughout your stay. Here are some of the greatest dishes to sample when visiting Santorini:


Fava is Santorini’s most well-known and iconic traditional meal. Although the name suggests it’s prepared with fava beans, it’s really made with yellow split pea puree. It’s a creamy, straightforward, and comforting meal that’s frequently served with lemon and olive oil. Capers and onions are occasionally added to the dish.

Fava is usually served as a side dish or a little lunch, rather than as the main course. When dining meze style, when everyone shares a selection of appetizers, you’re likely to see it. It has been a mainstay of local cuisine for decades since it is substantial, healthful, and inexpensive.


Apochti is a pig loin that has been salted and then immersed in vinegar before being air-dried, and it is a typical Santorini cuisine that dates back many years. A blend of pepper and cinnamon is used to season the pork. The meat is rubbed with spice and then let to rest for 6 hours. When the flesh has hardened, it is cut and utilized in a variety of ways.

White Eggplant

The volcanic soil of the island makes a perfect breeding ground for another rare product: the white eggplant. This unique variety has fewer seeds than its purple counterpart and a sweet taste. Many dishes involving the vegetable, such as white-eggplant purée, are available in restaurants all over Santorini.


Capers have been around since antiquity, and the plants may be found all around Santorini. Unopened edible flower buds are harvested and sun-dried until they harden and turn a slight yellow colour. They are then rehydrated before being used in sauces or to season a variety of meals, such as fava beans or salads.


Kopania are traditional Santorini sweets prepared of powdered barley rusks, raisins, and sesame seeds. The dough is then shaped into little balls and roasted sesame seeds are sprinkled on top. This is the epitome of basic, grassroots cucina povera (literally, “poor cookery”).

These are just a handful of the delicious native delicacies that you must try when visiting Santorini. There’s lots more to enjoy, so be adventurous when ordering meals in local restaurants and try something you’ve never had before. It’ll almost certainly taste delicious, and you could perhaps find a new favorite meal! 


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