Top 4 Adventurous side of Greece

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Greece has a lot more to offer than one may think. Greece all-year-round resort provides a range of exciting outdoor Adventurous activities. Here, we have compiled list of top 4 Adventurous side of Greece. Look and choose your favourite!

Jet Ski Safari – Santorini

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience Santorini by water on a Jet Ski Safari, whether you’ve never visited or are a frequent visitor! This alternative cruise in Santorini takes you around the deep blue Aegean seas while providing an adrenaline sensation. Vlychada, Mesa Pigadia, Red Beach, and White Beach are all included in this Jet Ski Safari. See regions only reachable by foot or by sea, relax in unspoilt nature, swim in clean blue seas, and soak in the breathtaking vistas. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your camera because the vistas on this jet ski safari in Santorini will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

Rock Climbing – Peloponnese

Climbable rocks in the Peloponnese are generally along the shore, offering spectacular views of the sea. The rocks are high-quality limestone with deep relief that allows for a wide range of motions. The suitable section will be picked for you based on your climbing skill and time frame. With the help of a local Hellenic Association licenced mountain guide, you will learn how to climb or improve your climbing abilities. This family-friendly rock-climbing experience is appropriate for beginners and intermediate climbers.

Water sports – Chalkidiki

Non-motorized water sports allow you to appreciate nature’s gifts to man while also providing a fantastic exercise – so get your fitness on with these water sports in Sarti! Try paddling a canoe and exploring the waters around the beach. If you want a full-body exercise, go for the SUP. Exploring local coasts with the family or a group of friends and taking a dip in the clean and quiet seas while you’re at it.

Horse Riding – Nafplio

Horse riding is extremely exciting, whether as a sport, a pleasure, or simply for the experience. Every ambitious rider may put their riding abilities to the test and experience the first fundamental stages of horse contact in a secure environment. Enjoy a one-hour ride through historic towns, olive and orange orchards, and the sights and sounds of Argolis. A one-of-a-kind retreat that must be experienced!  


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