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Santorini Sailing

It is common to have many questions prior to a Santorini sailing day tour, and the more knowledgeable you are the more likely you will take advantage of the experience in all its glory. Knowing the most important points to remember prior to getting into the water is crucial to having an enjoyable, safe sailing experience. Find out what you can expect prior to embarking on your sails and the most important things to be aware of while you’re on your Santorini sailing trip, for a memorable day at sea.

What Is the Best Boat for Santorini Sailing?

The preferences of sailboats can be subjective and differ based on the person you speak to. But the most traditional sailing experience in Santorini experience is mostly on a monohull luxury boat and is explained by many reasons. Monohulls are sleek, fast, and can work with sea and wind instead of fighting them which is ideal for an area like Santorini as it can be very windy, especially in summer. In addition, monohulls are popular by “sailing purists” who say having one gives you an authentic sailing experience than the ones which take place aboard a catamaran or motor yacht.

Advice To Follow During Santorini Sailing Tour

Even once you’re fully booked for your luxury Santorini tour of sailing the beautiful Aegean, there are a few points to be aware of when you arrive on. Upon stepping aboard, look around the yacht and prepare yourself to fully enjoy the experience to have a memorable day on the water. For a fantastic outing during one of the best tours in Santorini, take note of the following suggestions.

Santorini Sailing Safety Guidelines

To ensure a safe and pleasant day at sea adhering to safety guidelines provided by the captain and crew is crucial. The safety measures do more than keep passengers safe but also aid in keeping the operation running efficiently and efficiently. A few safety precautions to remember that are followed by all crews sailing in Santorini are:

  1. Take off shoes after boarding. This reduces the chance of slippage when there are spots that are wet and provide more grip than flip flops made of rubber.
  2. Put on a lifejacket whenever the crew or captain announces to wear one. Even the most skilled swimmers can be in danger if the sea becomes turbulent.
  3. Be careful not to fall on the edge. The Aegean waters can be rough sometimes and falling into the water while moving at a rapid speed is risky.
  4. A properly equipped first aid kit, plus the knowledge on how to use it, is vital in case of an accident or medical emergency.
  5. Sunny, warm days are perfect for boating; however, it isn’t always possible to predict when a storm will come into. Windy gusts that vary and rough water are indicators of a coming storm. Even on an incredibly warm day in spring, the water may reflect the cold winter temperatures. If your boat sinks or your passengers are soaked ensure that you have a plan to call for assistance and dry.

Take Advantage of Santorini Sailing Tour Experiences

Whether in the evening or for a Santorini day tour sailing outing, the adventures offered are what make the experience so memorable. Apart from having stunning views of the staggering caldera from beneath or enjoying an ideal spot to watch a sunset, a sailing trip in Santorini offers the chance to enjoy an array of unique experiences in a short outing. While on a sailing tour, it is the best opportunity to make the most of these experiences and enjoy the quick shuttle service from one amazing location to the next. The most memorable moments you can have during a sailing tour include:

  1. Enjoy a refreshing swim in crystal clear waters while you relax on a private beach.
  2. Capturing images of Red or White Beaches’ unique geological formations.
  3. Swirling into the healing hot springs’ water along with their holistic cures.
  4. Grab an underwater camera to record the vivid life of the crystal-clear water.


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