Santorini Family Vacation Guide

Santorini Family Vacation Guide

Santorini is without a doubt one of Greece’s most well-known and well-liked islands. Visiting the island with small children, though, might be difficult if you don’t do your homework first. Santorini is a big island with various towns dotted throughout; while Oia, the capital, is the most gorgeous, it may not be the most practical spot to stay with kids, especially if you have strollers! We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled the information shown below so that you can plan your Santorini family holiday. Check our santorini family vacation guide!

Family Hotels in Santorini

Traveling with little children or strollers will complicate your journey regardless of where you go; however, if you visit the old towns of Santorini, where sidewalks do not exist and the twisting, twisty tiny lanes are rather steep, this might cause a lot of difficulties. Since a result, the nearby villages, rather than Fira and Imerovigli, may be the ideal places for families to stay, as they offer considerably more cheap and self-catering lodging alternatives.

Adelante 88

Adelante 88 is a cluster of villas that are incredibly stunning. They are near the hamlet of Akrotiri, which is on the island’s south side and adjacent to Akrotiri, Santorini’s famed archaeological site. The panoramic views from the villas are breathtaking, and unlike other places of the island, they are readily accessible. They are self-catered, which is a valuable facility for families travelling together, and they include a pool that the kids will like.

Villas Remezzo

Villas Remezzo Santorini is wonderfully situated between Fira and Oia, on the outskirts of Imerovigli, one of Santorini’s most scenic towns, and is easily accessible by car, taxi, or foot from Imerovigli village. These villas are within a few minutes’ walk from Skaros, one of Santorini’s most famous sites for panoramic views.

Amara Villa

Amara villa offers comfortable accommodation for up to 5 persons in two bedrooms and two baths and an indoor hot tub with caldera views. Surrounded by the whitewashed building with narrow crisscrossing walking paths, churches crowned with blue domes & endless sunshine; this villa creates an unforgettable experience for couples, families & small groups of friends. The airy rooms, outdoor patio, infinity pools & Jacuzzi treats you well. The domination of white along with the minimalistic element provides an ideal destination for those who look for a peaceful, quiet & relaxing environment.

Family Restaurants in Santorini

One of the things that many visitors like about Greece in general is the abundance of delicious food options accessible at all hours of the day. Unlike other Mediterranean nations, which have tight working hours, the laid-back Greek way of life assures that you will never go hungry while travelling – especially if you have hungry children to feed!

If you’re staying near Akrotiri or want to grab a bite to eat after touring the ancient site, try Aeolos Tavern, which specializes in fresh seafood and provides wonderful traditional Greek cuisine.

Parea Tavern in Fira is also a great place to eat and is very kid-friendly, with beautiful views and reasonable portions. Check out Why Not! Souvlaki, which is one of the best-rated souvlaki locations on the entire island, if you’re searching for a good old souvlaki to satiate your fast-food need.  


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