Living Costs in Santorini

Living Costs in Santorini

Santorini may appear to be a paradise, but it may nevertheless be home to a slew of real-world issues. Money is the most typical example! Santorini is without a doubt one of, if not the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. It should come as no surprise that it is a pricey location. But how much does living Costs in Santorini? Or, to put it another way, how much does it cost to live in Santorini? How much money will you require to make yourself at home on the island? Will you be able to stick to your spending plan? Here’s all you need to know about it.

Utilities Costs

Your utilities aren’t as expensive as your other routine bills. After all, it’s clear that life in Santorini isn’t as hectic as it is in other regions of Greece. Because the island is known for its laid-back lifestyle, utility expenses aren’t as expensive as they are in other parts of the country. Basic monthly expenditures, such as electricity, water, heating, garbage disposal, and so on, would cost you roughly €100.00 to €212.50. Depending on the telecoms operator you choose, the cost of your Wi-Fi connection here will range from €22.00 to €45.00 per month.

Food Costs

What about in quality of diet? Surely, an island like Santorini, with its fertile grounds and plentiful fish in the surrounding waters, would have cheap food expenditures, right? Correct! Purchasing food in Santorini will, for the most part, be inexpensive. The overall common median price in this area is €65.72, which is sufficient for one to two weeks’ supply of groceries. 1.5 litres of water, a litre of milk, a dozen eggs, a loaf of bread, various fruits, vegetables, meats, other snacks, and even some alcohols are included in this total.

Transportation Costs

Let us now turn our attention to transportation. You won’t need to spend a lot of money to go about Santorini because the public transportation system isn’t very well established. The cost of travelling to Santorini, whether by plane or boat, is likely to be the most expensive part. Taking the bus on the island, meanwhile, would cost you between €1.80 and €2.50 every journey. Meanwhile, depending on how far your destination is from your current position, a cab will normally cost between €4.00 and €25.00. If you wish to rent a car during your stay in Santorini, it will cost you between €25.00 and €35.00 per day, depending on the tourist season.

Clothing Costs

Even though Santorini is a premium resort, designer labels seldom set up business here. Their little boutiques at five-star hotels and luxury resorts are the next best thing. However, when it comes to shopping in Santorini, the prices are often reasonable. Consider going shopping at a small boutique. Each item normally costs between €35.00 and €45.00. A new pair of sneakers can set you back between €80.00 and €100.00. Prepare to pay roughly €90.00 to €300.00 each pair if you require new fine dress shoes for important events.


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