Crime Rate in Santorini

Crime Rate in Santorini

Doesn’t Santorini appear to be the ultimate paradise? It’s almost as though nothing goes wrong in this place. You’d rather call this ‘paradise on earth’ than any other area on the planet because of its whitewashed towns, magnificent beaches, and serene attitude. However, as appropriate as it may appear, there is no such thing as a completely safe location on Earth. Even the most distant places, especially now, have their share of problems, mainly crime. So, how is Santorini doing? What is the crime rate on this island in the Cyclades? Here’s all you need to know about it.

The General Crime Rate in Santorini

Santorini’s overall crime rate as of July 2021 is 0.00 percent, according to, one of the major websites for giving information on a destination’s crime statistics. In a nutshell, nothing! Although this may not be 100% true, given the other crime statistics provided on the site, it’s reasonable to conclude the truth isn’t far off. Regardless, the island’s rate of growing crime is 35.71 percent, implying that some crimes are still committed here. So, in terms of overall crime, it’s not precisely as 0 as it may appear.

As previously stated, the rising prevalence of crime in Santorini is a cause for concern. But what are the most serious crimes in this area? Bribery and corruption now hold the top rank, with a combined 17.86 percent. It is the highest-rated item on the list, despite its low rating. Fortunately, neither crime is violent; nonetheless, for those who have decided to work here, this might indicate difficulty. And the job situation in Greece is already shaky enough. What’s more, what if bribery and corruption exacerbate the problem? Because Santorini is a prominent tourist destination, it’s reasonable to believe that many underworld figures have gotten away with a lot while on the island.

Each of the crimes of drug trafficking, pickpocketing, and house burglary has a rate of 12.50 percent. The first, drug trafficking, is unsurprising, given that Europe has a serious drug issue. Drug trafficking is one of the most serious crimes in even the most developed European towns. Because Santorini is a major tourist location, the second, pickpocketing, is also a possibility. Petty criminals love to prey on tourists, especially those who are visiting for the first time. Finally, the third type of crime, residential burglaries, is a little more unexpected. It’s also to be anticipated, given that the island’s iconic whitewashed homes aren’t exactly safe. Fortunately, a grade of 12.50 percent is still considered relatively low overall.

Safety Rate for Exploring Santorini

Now, when it comes to touring Santorini, the safety rates are expectedly high, according to the island’s supposed 0% general crime rate. Specifically, walking around the different villages of Santorini during the day is 96.88 percent. The safety percentage reduces to 87.50 percent at night. Despite the 9.38 percent difference, both percentages are still regarded high in terms of safety. This just goes to show that Santorini is far safer than most other tourist locations across the world. Even when compared to big cities with ostensibly top-notch police and security services, the Cyclades Island comes out on top!

Tips to Say Safe in Santorini

Despite how safe Santorini is, the fact that it still maintains a list of reported crimes indicates that it is not completely crime-free. On the island, it is still possible to be a victim of crime. You may avoid this by following a few guidelines. To begin, don’t put your faith in strangers, especially if you don’t speak Greek. As much as possible, seek assistance from local officials rather than random strangers. Second, whenever you leave the house, ensure your items are locked and secured. As previously stated, most Santorini’s residences and lodgings lack adequate security. 


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