5 Islands Near Santorini Worth Visiting

Best Greek Islands Near Santorini

Santorini is also known as “the supermodel” of Greek islands. The magnificent caldera-shaped landscape is the result of a volcanic eruption around three thousand years back. It has lovely panoramas, memorable sunsets, and brilliant volcanic-sand beaches. However, the other islands in the vicinity of Santorini also offer their own swathe of beauty and elegance. If you are visiting Santorini during the holiday season, you could go on a ferry or boat ride to other islands. These short excursions can make your trip more memorable. You could create Santorini your home base and begin exploring the rest of the gorgeous Cyclades archipelago right from there.

There are around 220 islands within the Cyclades archipelago. Each offers something different. However, these 5 islands surpass others in beauty, charm, and majesty. They are worthy of a visit.


Known as the largest Cyclades Island located near Santorini, Naxos is famous for its authenticity. Naxos is among the most popular destinations for travel in Greece due to a variety of reasons. From delicious cuisine to beautiful beaches, it can be a great location for you to enjoy your holiday stay. From barren hills with nearly nothing but lush river valleys and fertile plains, Naxos has tons of things to offer. The island is famous for its rich and varied heritage. Venetian Castle and Portara Gate are two of the most famous landmarks on Naxos.


Mykonos island is a stunning location. It is famous for its spectacular nightlife and clubs, as well as glamour and party venues. There are beautiful beaches, 5-star hotel luxurious resorts, costly shops, and amazing dining restaurants. Mykonos Island is the ideal location for travelers looking for a hedonistic life. The ferry ride between Santorini to Mykonos will take about 2 hours.


In recent years the popularity of Milos has grown significantly. It has numerous characteristics which make it attractive. The island is the site of stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and unspoiled nature which makes it one of the most sought-after destinations of tourists around the world. It also has a long and rich history. Its Milos Mining Museum is one of the top museums within the Cyclades.

Colorful rocks can be found all over Milos. It is because the island is a volcano island, and the eruption caused its creation.


This amazing island has plenty to offer when it is about the most beautiful beaches and beautiful nature scenes. Kalamos, Psathi, and Lorentzena are among the most popular beaches found on the island. If you are a lover of walking, IOS is for you. The area has amazing trails for hiking. On IOS, some areas, such as the Koumpara peninsula can provide an amazing sunset view. Chora is the principal town on IOS and is famous for its events and nightclubs. If you’re on IOS don’t miss Paleokastro. It’s home to the remains of a Venetian castle, as well as a stunning church.


Anafi is one of the less frequented islands in the Cyclades. It is only 22 km from Santorini. Anafi island is for those seeking to take pleasure in the sandy beaches and to hike through the rugged mountain terrain far from the tourist humdrum.

It is not necessary to expect the amenities and comforts of more well-known destinations. Anafi is ideal for those seeking an adventure that is surrounded by the peace and quiet of nature.


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