5 Best Beaches in Santorini

Beaches in Santorini

For your aid in vacation planning, we’ve created our list of 5 of the top beaches of Santorini. Around 200km south-east of the Greek mainland. Santorini is one of the islands that is southernmost of the Cyclades archipelago. It is located 130km away from the island Crete.

Here are 5 of the best beaches in Santorini, with all their must-know details to help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

Red Beach

On the south side of the island in the south of the island, is within the vicinity of the village Akrotiri is an area that is among the well-known beach in Santorini. Red beach is much more well-known because of the color of its rocks and cliffs than it is an area to sunbathe.

Rust-red cliffs with deep gorges rise from the shore as pebbles and boulders that range from red to white to black to grey are scattered across the beach area. The reddish-rust color is due to the large amounts of iron found in the substrate, which was formed by many millions of years in the past.

The beach has a small, white-sand area for sunbathing, which fills quickly during the season. Leaving the hardier folk areas of pebbles to lay their towels.

If you’re a bit further away, you could take advantage of the water taxis that run starting from Akrotiri Port, Kamari, or Perissa to the beach.

Perissa Beach

Perissa beach is located on the southeast of the Island, 5km away from the airport, and 15 km away from the Port of Athinios, designed for tourists of all different ages and is among the most sought-after beaches for families. beaches of Santorini.

Nestled beneath the Meso Vouno mountain, which separates Kamari Beach the coastal village of Kama.  It is one of the longest beaches located in Santorini.

Blue flag beaches are equipped with parasols and sun-loungers for sun-lovers. The more active visitors can take advantage of a vast array of water activities like diving lessons, parasailing, windsurfing, jet-skiing, and banana boat ride.

If that’s not enough, an extremely famous swimming pool is nearby, complete with flumes and swimming pools for children and adults. If you’re looking for a quick refreshment or something more significant, the beachfront is home to many bars, cafes, shops, and restaurants where you can enjoy all kinds of drinks, snacks, or even dinner.

Kamari Beach

In front of Kamari village, Kamari beach is located midway along the east coast of the island, only 6km away from Kamari airport and 8km away from Fira, the island’s capital.

Kamari beach is among the islands’ most well-known beaches. Wide, and over 5km long, it is also one of the largest beaches in Santorini. Blue flag beaches are made of black volcanic sand; it’s packed with every amenity that you’d expect from a resort for families.

The beach is equipped with parasols, sunbeds, and lifeguards. A wide range of water sports is offered which include kite and windsurfing, diving classes, and pedalos to hire. You will also find numerous guided tours available, both on land and by sea. Along the beach promenade, there are plenty of bars, cafes, shops, and restaurants.

Perivolos Beach

One of a group of beaches on the south-eastern side of Santorini. Perivolos can be described as an appealing black sandy beach with no rock formations, boulders, and sharp pebbles.

Located just 12km from Fira just 14km away from Fira Airport, this beach runs along the coast, merging with beaches in Agios Georgios as well as Vlychada.

There are sunbeds and parasols aplenty, restaurants and cafes, bars and shops, hotels, apartments, and villas stretch along the front. Access to the beach is just a short stroll from the numerous hotels, apartments, and from the village itself.

While it is among the top beaches of Santorini for those with young children It is an extremely popular spot for families who are looking for more than the sun, sand, and the sea.

White Beach

At the southern end of the island next to the Akrotiri village and right next towards the Red Beach, lies the White beach.

Not, as you might expect, a pristine white sand beach, but rather a grey pebble and sand beach with an extensive expanse of white cliffs rising in the air over it. The only way to get there is a strenuous climb from Red Beach, or by water taxi that will take you to the drop-off point and will pick you up.

It’s a beach that is popular with snorkelers who like exploring the bottom of the cliffs, boulders, which make up the cove. There are some sunbeds and parasols that are available at the tiny cave shack on the beach which does offer drinks, water, and other snacks.


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